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Toxy is a bit abstract for normal developers/users. To help users understand what it can do, I created Toxy Extraction Viewer.

Toxy Extraction Viewer 1.1 supports many file formats such as docx, xlsx/xls, pdf, txt, eml, rtf, vcf and so on.


To view a new file, click File menu->Open to open a selected file.


In the open file dialog, you can see a list of supported file formats.


After opening a file, the tool will automatically identify the file type and use the proper viewer to show it. For example, I open a vcf file (Business card file) here.


By default, it will show you text viewer as Toxy can extract text from vcf file. On the right panel, it will show you the Parser Type, file extension and detailed file path.

However, you can show the vcf file in a different way (via grid panel). To change the view mode, click Mode->Document/Structured mode.


Then you will see a different view like below:


In the meanwhile, the Parser Type shown is changed from VCardTextParser to VCardDocumentParser. In fact, VCardTextParser is the text parser for vcf and VCardDocumentParser is the structured parser for vcf. Both parsers are included in Toxy to meet different scenarios.


Since some file formats doesn’t have different kinds of parsers (maybe only text parser is available), the mode menu item will be grayed out. For example, I open a txt file in the tool and if you expand Mode menu, you will only see Text mode is available because txt file only has one corresponding parser.


That’s all. Please enjoy the tool!

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